Vital Families is a registered 501 (c)(3) and gifts are tax deductible.

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We feel called to help 10 percent of the families in every county we enter to incorporate the three vital family habits into their daily lives. This represents a tipping point for social change movements. In East Tennessee, for example, our goal is to empower 26,000 families in 33 counties over a 10-year span to live out the three habits.

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  • Stronger relationships with God as the family learns how to put Him first and how to build family life around loving and obeying Him
  • More loving, patient, and respectful relationships with each other as the family becomes a team with a life-giving, outward focus
  • A leadership mindset and orientation that sets family members up for a productive and impactful life, whether at home, school, work or anywhere God takes them
  • A practical way to obey Jesus’ command to engage the community on His behalf
  • A soul-satisfying way of life that aligns busy schedules with core values, enabling the family to produce the kind of leaders our communities need
  • Friendships with other inspirational families and passionate leaders from all walks of life 
  • The formation of a Family Support Alliance to actively rally stakeholders in the community around the well-being of families

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  • A strategy to bind the community together through friendships across barriers of color, culture, and class
  • Young people who learn to sacrifice and serve others, to be productive, to care about the community and work for its well-being,  to contribute as part of a team, and to exhibit good leadership qualities needed from future leaders
  • More volunteers for schools, ministries, non-profits, youth coaches, and service clubs
  • Healing, life-giving relationships that families offer – whether with lonely elderly, unwanted kids, tired refugees, hope-worn veterans, or distressed teens
  • Community service portals hosted by churches in communities where volunteers are equipped and sent out
  • A way for empty nesters and community members to get involved through coaching and other family support roles in the Family Support Alliance
  • A way for stuggling families, whether single parent families, grandparent families, or others to find the friendship and support they need to thrive